How to Reduce Travel Stress with Functional Mushrooms

January 29th, 2020


I travel on 'shrooms, and I’m not talkin' portobello. I’ve been drinking superfood mushroom beverages from the brand Four Sigmatic since 2016. Their products are part of my everyday routine and they’re especially helpful on the road. 

Why? Because travel is stressful. From long-haul flights and missed connections to sleeping in unfamiliar places, traveling is taxing on both the body and mind.

I use a variety of products from Four Sigmatic on a daily basis, but there are two that I rely on when I travel, which are the Adaptogen Coffee and the Reishi Elixir. More on that below. But first, let’s cover some basics.

(This post is not sponsored by Four Sigmatic. My opinions are my own and these products have been purchased with my own money. I’m simply an avid user!)

What Are Functional Mushrooms?

The fungi kingdom extends far beyond the white button mushrooms found in your grocery store. In fact, there are over 5.1 million species of mushrooms and fungi, ranging from deadly to downright delicious. 

I prefer the functional variety, which are healing, adaptogenic superfoods that grow on trees and logs in the deepest parts of the forest. Depending on the specific mushroom, benefits range from physical to mental. 

About Four Sigmatic

If you haven’t heard of Four Sigmatic, they specialize in functional mushrooms, superfoods, and adaptogens to help us live healthier, more enhanced lives. Four Sigmatic makes drinking mushrooms delicious and easy-to-do with mushroom coffees, blends, and elixirs that can do anything from boost productivity to promote restful sleep.

Mushroom elixirs are:

  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient to carry
  • Delicious
  • Organic
  • Adaptogenic
  • Vegan
  • … the list goes on!

Why Mushroom Elixirs Are Great for Travel

I love traveling with Four Sigmatic products because their packaging is compact and convenient. Four Sigmatic extracts the superfood goodness out of functional mushrooms, turns it into a powder, and puts it in packets that fit perfectly in your backpack, purse, or pocket. No mess required.

Now, let’s talk specifics.

My on-the-go mushroom routine is to drink two beverages per day. I drink the Adaptogen Coffee in the morning and the Reishi Elixir at night. However, you could drink these anytime you need a boost or need to chill, respectively.

My Morning Pick-Me-Up: Adaptogen Coffee

I’m a coffee addict, but the caffeinated jitters that I experience after drinking an almond milk latte (my favorite) doesn’t do any favors for my anxiety, which is already elevated en-route. Four Sigmatic’s Adaptogen Coffee helps you power up while keeping calm with organic arabica coffee blended with stress-reducing adaptogenic herbs.

What’s in it:

  • Instant coffee (that doesn't taste "instant")
  • Tulsi
  • Astragalus
  • Cinnamon

Why I like it: 

I love having a “cup of coffee” in my pocket so I can avoid paying $5 for a drink at the airport Starbucks. Likewise, it’s a great option when quality coffee isn’t available.

I’ll never forget the coffee I bought in Belize City’s tiny terminal while waiting for our hopper flight to Dangriga. I had already been traveling for 8+ hours, so I was tired and needed a jolt. I ordered an americano from a little no-name espresso stand and it tasted so bad that I threw it away after only one sip. 

If I had brought my mushroom coffee with me, I could have saved a few dollars and spared my taste buds the unpleasant experience.

My Bedtime Beverage: Reishi Mushroom Elixir

Four Sigmatic’s Reishi Mushroom Elixir promotes restful sleep and supports occasional stress.

What’s in it:

  • Reishi mushroom extract
  • Rosehips
  • Tulsi
  • Mint

Why I like it: 

It can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep while traveling. Even if you’re accommodation is a 5-star resort, you’re still sleeping in an unfamiliar bed with unfamiliar sounds and smells. Drinking reishi in the evening helps to relax the body, calm the mind, and promote restful sleep. 

I’ll take all the help I can get! 

Whether I’m home or on the road, I drink a cup of reishi elixir mixed with hot water 1 hour before bedtime. I usually mix in some collagen protein, as well.

Reishi is also great for relieving stress during the day. Drink a cup whenever you’re feeling tense!

How Do You Reduce Travel Stress?

I'd love to know — what teas, coffees, and elixirs do you travel with? What are your tips for reducing stress (both mental and physical) on the go? Let me know in the comments below.

Travel well, xoxo.


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