Amazon’s 10 Best Travel Cases for Essential Oils

April 7th, 2020


Can’t leave the house without your essential oil stash? I feel you — I always travel with at least one or two of my favorite blends. There’s many uses for essential oils while traveling, whether you’d like to reduce anxiety, boost energy, or soothe an upset tummy.

Oils are precious, so keep them protected from drops and cracks with a carrying case! I’ve scrolled through Amazon’s product pages and hand-picked the best travel cases for essential oils so you don’t have to. I hope you enjoy these recommendations.

The Best Essential Oil Travel Cases

The Stylish Set

Store and organize your essential oils in style with these rose gold carrying cases (sold separately). Made of eco-friendly washable paper that's tear-proof, lightweight, and durable.

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The Dopp Kit

This is the perfect bag for carrying essential oils plus a few basic toiletry items like a tooth brush or razor. Made of wear-resistant nylon fabric and built to hold 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml bottles.

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The Hard Shell

For those who want a little extra protection, this hard shell case holds 12 bottles and features a neoprene center divider to prevent bottles from rubbing together. It’s super compact and fits perfectly in your backpack or suitcase.

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The Diffuser Case

No diffuser left behind! This beautiful floral case is thoughtfully designed and fits up to 10 essential oil bottled (5ml, 10ml, 15ml) and most diffusers. It even has a space for a power cord.

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The Keychain

Keep your essential oils with you at all times with this cute mini essential oil keychain! Carry up to 10 different oils in 2ml vials in a compact, convenient bag that clips onto your purse or backpack.

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The Mini Hard Shell

Protect your oils from leaking or breaking while traveling with this mini hardshell case that comes with 12 mini roller bottles. This little case is made of a high-quality hard shell exterior that’s lightweight and crush-resistant.

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The Three Pack

What’s better than one essential oil case? Three essential oil cases, of course! Carry up to 26 bottles at a time. Each case is machine washable and lightweight.

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The Slim Case

This case is slim and compact so it fits perfectly in your purse of travel bag. It’s made of sturdy felt cloth and holds up to 6 bottles (5ml, 10ml, or 15ml) fastened by elastic straps.

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The Triple Decker

This bag features three layers with four separate compartments that are specifically designed to hold vials and roller bottles in their respective sections. It even has a hook so you can easily hang it in your bathroom while traveling.

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The links in this article are affiliate links. I take my recommendations very seriously, and I may receive a small commission from certain sales (without any extra cost to you). This helps me continue to create free, high-quality content to serve you better.

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