I Got My Aura Photographed in Bali — Here's Why You Should, Too

April 20th, 2020

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Soo... I got my aura photographed. Because #wheninbali, right? 

When I was presented with this experience, I thought it sounded kitschy and fun, but I was also quite skeptical. Luckily, Bali's energy has a special way of opening our hearts and minds to new experiences, so I threw my hesitancy out the window and said heck, why not?

Let me tell ya, I was shocked and intrigued by how much I resonated with my aura reading. If you’re looking for a unique spiritual experience that’s interesting, uplifting and fun, then an aura portrait session is for you.

Why you should have your aura photographed

You probably already know your strengths, weaknesses, and how you generally feel on an energetic level. While you don't need a silly polaroid to tell you who you are, most people are visual beings and seeing your essence captured in a photo is very powerful.

Or at least it was for me.

The results of my aura photograph did not surprise me at all. In fact, I resonated with my aura so intensely that it gave me the extra push that I needed to pursue my dreams. My reading affirmed the direction that I'm headed in life and gave me a much needed boost in confidence.

Wait, what's an aura?

An "aura" is an electromagnetic field surrounding the body. Think of an aura as the energy that you emit. An aura portrait presents a visual representation of both how we feel internally and what we're putting out into the world.

How to read an aura photograph

Generally, here’s how an aura photograph is interpreted:

  • Left: The left side of the photo represents the energy that's coming in and how you see the world.
  • Right: The right side of the photo represents the energy that you're putting out into the world and how the world perceives you.
  • Top: The top arch represents your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

Then, there's meaning behind each of the different colors involved. Your color will be unique to you and your photographer will explain each color during your reading.

Where to get your aura photographed in Bali

Sara Silverstein from Inner Light Aura is Bali’s premiere aura photographer! She offers studio hours at her home in Pererenan and pop-up sessions at events around Canggu and Ubud. She's absolutely lovely and has a smile that beams from ear-to-ear when she reveals your beautiful aura photo. It's clear that she's passionate about what she does and wants to help others see their own radiant light.

Ok but, how does it actually work?

Aura photography is a unique film practice that captures your raw energy through a special camera that was designed in the 1970’s. The camera is essentially a polaroid encased in a box that's connected to hand plates by a cable. The hand plates measure energy levels at reflexology points and translates the energy into color. The camera uses a double-exposure method that captures both your physical being and your vibrant energy and combines them into a beautiful technicolor Polaroid.

How long does an aura portrait session take?

Aura photography is quick and painless. The entire experience only takes about 10-15 minutes. Think of it as a spiritual photo-booth that makes an impact.

Once your aura is captured, the camera will spit out a polaroid and you’ll receive an oracle card reading while you wait your image to develop. Then, Sara will reveal your portrait and read your aura. The photo is then yours to take home, and you'll receive an aura color guide as an extra gift which reminds you of your essence and also serves as a protective layer over your polaroid.

How much does an aura portrait cost?

A session with Inner Light Photography costs 375k rupiah, which is about $27 USD. It's an expensive little polaroid, but it's also so much more than just a polaroid. I got a lot of value out of my aura reading and I don’t regret spending $27 on it. I see it as a unique souvenir from my time in Bali!

My aura reading

My aura reading was so beautiful that I wish I had recorded it! I don't remember every detail, but this is a general idea of how to interpret my aura: I’m a compassionate, loving soul who wants to help others. I’m expressive, sensitive, and feel things very deeply. I am willing and open to share, and the world is ready to hear from me. It’s time to let go of fear and step into my power. 

To break things down a little further...

Photo Left (Green):

The color green aligns with the heart chakra and represents personal growth and healing. I'm creative and ambitious, but my perfectionism can sometimes hold me back from pursuing my dreams. There's no cloudiness/haze/color in the area directly over my heart, which means that my heart chakra is wide open.

Photo Right (Blue):

The color blue aligns with the throat chakra and represents communication, expression and sensitivity. I'm a deep feeler who's nurturing and loves to help others. Like above, there's no cloudiness or haze over my throat, which means that my throat chakra is wide open.


The distance which our colors extend above our head represents the size of our aspirations and generally what we hold in high regard. My colors extend nearly to the top of the polaroid, which means I have big hopes and dreams.


Let's talk about the bottom of my photo because this is what really solidified the experience for me. Contrary to my throat and heart chakras, my solar plexus chakra is likely experiencing a deficiency, which is marked by the blue haze over my stomach. The solar plexus chakra relates to self confidence, which is something that I already knew that I struggled with before having my aura photographed. Seeing this issue right before my eyes was a "slap in the face" and proof that I need to let go of what's not serving me and step into my power.

Ready for your aura portrait session?

There are aura photographers all over the world and you don't need to travel to Bali just for this. Simply do a quick Google search to see if there's someone in your area. If you are coming to Bali anyway, I highly recommend this experience to anyone who's looking for something fun and different.

If you've had your aura photographed, let me know! I'd love to hear about your experience. Did you resonate with your reading? Would you do it again?

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